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Reggae Mistress "Sing To The Most High"

reggae mistress - sing to the most high

Reggae Mistress is a reggae band based in the Philippines fronted by three powerful women harmonized into one. Rene "Chong" Tengasantos and wife Irma "Chang", two pioneers of reggae in the Philippines formed a Pinoy reggae band in 2002 with women frontliners in mind, a fresh idea in a male-dominated band scene and inspired by the I Threes — Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt and Marcia Griffith (back-up vocals of the legend Bob Marley).

Chang is joined by daughter Lady i and niece Ira on vocals backed by young yet seasoned musicians Puto, Eric, Mags, Chox and Lito. A combination of the young and the veterans harmoniously woven together dishing out one reggae feast after another. Reggae Mistress mixes up genres from rock & roll, blues, soul, jazz and a dash of dancehall and lover's rock putting a reggae relish on top making it a new sound, distinctively Mstres Stylee.